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“Our village and our nature” creative contests of stories and pictures on the environmental topic were announced in Tavush region, particularly in Haghartsin, Teghut, Gosh, Sevqar, and Enoqavan communities within the framework of the project “Implementing a Participatory Financial Approach for Socio-Economic Development in Tavush”.

The purpose of the contests was to involve the residents in awareness activities regarding ecological issues and sustainable development of the environment through a financial participatory approach and financial support in communities having ecological corridors. In Tavush region, the project is implemented by “The Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan” NGO.

The presentation of the works submitted to the competition and the first community award ceremony took place in Haghartsin community. According to age groups, the applicants presented thematic works, which were evaluated by a competition committee composed of experts. In the works, the authors expressed the nature of their community, the environmental situation, and their dreams, and messages to keep the environment clean and safe.

The ones who submitted works that met the competition requirements received financial prizes. Milena Aghajanyan, Stella Babinyan, Suzanna Aghajanyan, and Erik Tsugunyan took first place for the best short stories according to age classification. Gayane Gulinyan took first place for the best picture.

The next award ceremony of the competition will take place in Gosh community.

The goal of the participatory financial approach (PFA) is to create independent development processes that are constructive, inclusive, and deeply participatory at the family, community, and regional levels.

This event is implemented within the framework of the “Implementation of a Participatory Financial Approach for Social-Economic Development in Armenia” component of the “Promotion of Eco-Corridors in the South Caucasus – II” program. The project is implemented in Tavush region with the partnership of the “Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan” NGO.