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The NGO of ” Dilijan youth cooperation Center ” periodically carries out events of various types and scales: international training, citywide holidays, exhibitions and sales, etc. We offer the following services for organizing DPA events:

  • Organization of international and domestic travel of invited participants
  • Organization of international and domestic travel for the staff of the partner organization
  • Organization of visa processing
  • Organization of health, accident and life insurance
  • Production and distribution of invitation cards
  • Online registration of participants
  • Compensation for travel expenses
  • Hotels
  • Payment of daily allowances
  • Payment of Graphica staff of the partner organization
  • Catering (organization of Lunches, cocktails, snacks and coffee breaks)
  • Organization of international and domestic trips
  • Local guide service
  • Booking and rental of the conference hall
  • Provision of conference equipment
  • Simultaneous and consecutive translation
  • Translation services
  • Production of name indexes
  • Production of name signs, conference packages and other signs
  • Production of brochures, booklets and presentations,
  • Photographic services
  • Moderation of discussions
  • Promotion of documentary works
  • Preparation of reports


The Dilijan youth cooperation Center offers courses and tools that will help both civil society organizations and other businesses improve their activities:

  • Development of a product and service promotion strategy
  • Fundraising
  • Designing the project structure
  • Making a program offer
  • Project management
  • Programme evaluation
  • Grant management
  • Effective communication
  • Building a team
  • Guide
  • Tracing
  • Youth grant managemen
  • Youth career Development
  • Youth leadership
  • Volunteerism and Civic initiative
  • In the community Fund
  • Mapping the background and needs of the community
  • Community innovation
  • Social entrepreneurship


The Dilijan youth cooperation Center, as an accredited organization that hosts and sends the European volunteer service (EVS), can provide the following services:

  • Send Armenian volunteers to Europe /EVS/
  • The hospitality of European volunteers /EVS/
  • To organize international training
  • To organize mutual projects
  • Send Armenian volunteers to participate in training and exchange programs


  • English language courses for beginners
  • General English language courses
  • German language courses for beginners
  • Spoken German course
  • European clubs / every week they are represented in one European country with its own culture, history, geography, class, etc. /
  • Trade-in various non-food products