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A round table discussion was held in Pokr Ayrum town of Akhtala consolidated community of Lori marz of RA on “Social-ecological responsibility from the point of view of development priorities of Odzun-Akhtala consolidated communities of Lori marz” in cooperation with “Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan” NGO and Socio Eco Consortium within the framework of DATA program (the leading organization of the Socio-Eco Consortium – ” Centre for Community Mobilization and Support” NGO).

The aim of the discussion was to outline the main development priorities of Odzun and Akhtala consolidated communities by discussing the priorities, which will be further preserved in the community development policies and will be taken into account in the context of social-ecological responsibility.


The discussion is attended by the heads of Odzun and Akhtala consolidated communities, community administrative leaders, council members, representatives of non-governmental organizations, residents, and active young people.

The head of the consolidated community of Akhtala, Arkady Tamazyan drew attention to the fact that their region can develop with a “green community” approach, there are good opportunities for tourism promotion, but there is a great need for specialists. And Oleg Durgaryan, head of the “Center for Community Mobilization and Support” NGO, emphasized the need to strengthen the role of local governments, to be actively involved in the development of local policies aimed at balanced development, although civil society organizations cooperate with local governments in that direction.

The spheres of different branches of agriculture, optimal use of water, tourism and its types, and youth employment were mainly mentioned.
The results of the discussion will be developed, a report will be prepared, which will be provided to Socio-Eco Consortium, as well as, appropriate steps will be taken to address the proposals presented in the report to the decision-makers through advocacy.

The meeting has been facilitated by individual expert Gor Petrosyan.


“DATA: Data for Accountable and Transparent Action” program is implemented with the support of DATA Consortium (Eurasia Partnership Foundation, SOCIES Expertise Center, Bun TV Foundation, Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO, SOSE Women’s Issues NGO) in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)).