Project Location: Dilijan consolidated community

Project partner: Urbanista platform “Journalists for Urban Development” NGO

The aim of the project:  Contribute to urban planning processes of the community 

Project problems:

Problem 1 ․ Identify issues related to the use of public spaces and get a real picture of urban planning through data analysis, Council monitoring, interviews, urban surveys, Dilijan Urban Development and Investment Promotion Board under the auspices of the Mayor of Dilijan

Problem 2 ․ Raise public awareness and participation in urban planning and decision-making processes through various public actions.

Project target groups:

The beneficiaries are the residents of Dilijan, who will be involved in the research process and will have the opportunity to voice their concerns and perceptions about public spaces. Residents of about 50 communities, 10 local government members, and representatives of 10 business sectors will take part in the research.

The target group is local self-government bodies, private sector actors.

Main activities of the project:

  • Social, journalistic and urban research

The purpose of the research is:

  1. Find out the transparency of decision-making in the process of public space management և public participation in decision-making.
  2. Identifying the extent of influence of different groups of the society in the decision-making process: residents, civil society, representatives of local self-government bodies – investors
  • Interviews with key informants: Interviews with investors/business representatives
  • Monitoring of decisions made since the existence of the council, transparency of the decision-making process, ensuring public awareness, taking into account the community interest, community-friendly factors.
  • Participation-based sub-activities as a result of the research: participatory mapping and modeling, chronological study of public spaces, institutional diagramming, creation of infographics.
  • 3 round table discussions: the results of journalistic research, the results of urban research, the results of sociological research
  • Preparation of video interviews: preparation of 4 video interviews in 15 minutes, with 2 experts each from the relevant field and experience
  • Development of mechanisms for ensuring the participation of community residents in the package of proposals: as a result of program activities, transparency of decision-making in the process of public space management will be developed; a package of proposals for ensuring public participation.

Expected results:

  1. Attentiveness of decision-makers and Transparency of decisions
  2. New network environment and culture
  3. Increase in public participation 

The project is funded by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation-Armenia, Embassy of Sweden in Yerevan within the framework of SIDA’s” Support to Civil Society for Impact on Reform” program, which aims to support Armenian civil society.