Program Partner: Municipality of Dilijan consolidated community

Program location: Dilijan consolidated community

Implementing Period: May-July 21, 2021


The aim of the program: To increase the level of transparent and accountable work of Municipality of Dilijan consolidated community and its infrastructures by training on the use of online tools, as well as by improving its operational strategies.

Target groups: Dilijan Municipality, infrastructures, NGOs and  population․

The key activities envisaged by the program:

  1. The opening of the program, implementation of launching the toolkit on the official website of Dilijan consolidated community.
  2. 4-day training on the topic “Strategy Planning” for 6 structures and 12 employers
  3. Preparation of 6 strategic plans, presentation by community structures in accordance with the goals and objectives of the 5-year Community Development Plan.
  4. A workshop with 12 community-belonged staff members on how to use the online tool. Selection of one employee to regularly post information on the website.
  5. 6 workshops in 6 communities for 120 people to develop their capacity on using the official website of Municipality.
  6. The closing of the program and presentation of the results. Program Awareness through Social Network and Media.

Expected Results:

Result 1. Community infrastructures have the capacity to develop a strategic plan to bring it into line with the community’s 5-year development plan. Institutional action plans have been improved as well.

Result 2. Schedules of initiatives/activities planned by community-based institutions/community budget, information on implementation are available to the public through regular posting on the official website of the community through the relevant tool, ensuring maximum transparency and accountability.

Result 3. Residents of the community are informed about the mechanisms for submitting applications, suggestions, and other means of direct communication with the authorities through the official website of the Municipality of Dilijan consolidated community, in order to ensure online communication as much as possible under Covid-19.

The program “Accountable community, Aware citizen” is held within the framework of the project “Innovation for Change_ (I4C) Armenia”, which is conducted by a “Partnership and Teaching” NGO. The latter is funded by the TIDES center and USAID. 

The aim of the program is to promote locals’ activity and involvement by in investing the accountability system of local non-governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations.

Program launching photos 

The reference of “Tavush” TV to the event summarizing the results of the “Accountable Community, Aware Citizen” quarterly program