“Participating” social entrepreneurship and active citizenship program

Implementing Period:

October 01, 2017- September 30,2018



Project description:
 “Participate” social entrepreneurship and active citizenship program is aimed at developing the skills and capacities of young people living in the regions of Armenia. Through training, internships, and discussions, the program promotes participants’ personal-professional development by introducing them to opportunities to become more involved, active citizens, and encouraging their active participation in community life.

The target group of the project is young people aged 18-28 living in 25 urban-rural communities of 10 regions of Armenia, who are interested in active citizenship, community participation, entrepreneurship, educational and professional internship opportunities.

Within the framework of the program, 60 participants will be selected from the applicants, who will participate in 3 courses and have the opportunity to have an internship in civil society organizations or social enterprises to apply or strengthen the knowledge gained during the courses.

Project objectives:
· Increase the level of participation of young people living in the regional communities of the Republic of Armenia by promoting active citizenship and involvement in the social and social life of their communities.
· Contribute to the capacity building of young people living in urban and rural communities of the RA regions through thematic non-formal training

  • Increase the level of participants’ ability to work, self-employment, development of social enterprises, increase the ability of young people to work.

Training courses:

First training: “Active Citizenship School”

Dates: Training 1: 04.02 – 09.02.2018, Training 2: 18.02 – 23.02.2018

Topics: civic education, democracy, youth participation

Second training: “Social Entrepreneurship School”

Dates: Training 1: 04.03 – 08.03.2018, Training 2: 18.03 – 22.03.2018

Topics: entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, work efficiency Development of the idea of ​​social enterprises addressing the problems existing in the communities.

Professional practice

Participants will have the opportunity to complete a two-week internship at an NGO or social enterprise.


Second training-meeting: “Youth Forum”

Dates: 12-13.06.2018

Topics: Summary of the educational process of the project and evaluation, development of proposals promoting youth participation, involvement, and presentation

PARTICIPATING Youth Forum| the closing event

Educational module

Within the framework of the project, a manual on the issues of youth participation in the communities living in the regional communities and the educational methodology of youth capacity development was created.

“Participating” social entrepreneurship and active citizenship program were implemented by the “Armenian Progressive Youth” NGO in cooperation with the “Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan” NGO and the “Ecolab Foundation for Sustainable Development” active citizenship. The project was funded by the European Union within the framework of the “Support to Capacity Building of Civil Society Organizations of the Republic of Armenia” project.