Project partners:

Dilijan Youth Cooperation Center, Armenia
Progress Center Estonia, Estonia
Malimon Ecosystem, Belarus
Experimental Cultural Association, Portugal


The expertise and experience of the consortium on all topics of the project (youth entrepreneurship education, youth employability, active citizenship) as well as its methodologies (non-formal education, gamification) have been taken into consideration while creating AGATE project.

AGATE – “A Gamified Approach to Youth Entrepreneurship Education” project fosters entrepreneurial competences of youth in Europe by promoting a gamified approach in education. 

The AGATE project features international mobilities and local capacity-building activities:

  • An international training course for youth workers about youth entrepreneurship education and gaming for learning
  • The development of board games fostering entrepreneurship competences, and the publication and dissemination of the games on an online platform
  • Piloting of the AGATE games with youth workers over an international training course in Setubal and with young people over a youth exchange


Our Approach

The following educational principles are applied in the project: 

  • Learner centred: content and methods of activities are tailored to learners’ needs.
  • Holistic: the learning process addresses learners as a whole, from their personality, values, perspectives, knowledge’s, etc. 
  • Practical: gaming, simulations and other experiential tools for learners to learn by doing.
  • Inclusion: the project welcomes all youth, especially those with fewer opportunity 
  • Voluntary: the project fosters an active and voluntary participation of the learners.