Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO has launched the #YPAT (Youth Programming Assessment Toolkit) based on the Positive Youth Development (PYD) concept, in cooperation with NGOs implementing youth programs.

On December 18, the staff of Dilijan Community Center (DCC) NGO took the part in the meeting to measure its youth programs with toolkit. With the help of the toolkit, youth organizations will be able to measure the effectiveness of their programs and discover those fields which are needed to improve and develop.  

In four domains of the toolkit means and skills, investment, contributing environment, managing skills, and The current youth programs of QC NGO were analyzed by criteria in four areas of the tool: resources and capacity, investment, supportive environment և organizational capacity, and qualitative and quantitative data, proposals were formulated to increase the effectiveness of programs և areas in need of development, organizational capacity. Other organizations implementing youth programs will also be involved in the evaluation process through PYD.

 “The Positive Youth Development” (PYD) tool is based on an approach developed by FHI 360 and localized in Armenia within the framework of the program “Data for Accountable and Transparent Action” (DATA).

PYD involves young people and their families in the process of realizing the potential of youth with communities and governments. PYD programs demonstrate that by receiving sufficient knowledge, skills, and support, young people can improve their health, achieve educational and economic success, as well as be involved and make a significant contribution to community development.

Data for Accountable and Transparent Action (DATA) is implemented by the DATA Consortium (Eurasia Partnership Foundation, SOCIES Expertise Center, Bun TV Foundation, Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan, and SOSE Women’s Issues NGO) in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The aim of the program Data for Accountable and Transparent Action (DATA) is to help improve the policy-making process by empowering CSOs to practice reliable and reasonable data, to analyze and report it effectively, provide expert knowledge and develop skills, and ability to get support from other stakeholders.



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