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On June 7-15, the first stage of the international training course “Gaming for Learning” has been conducted in Kobuleti, Georgia, which was attended by young people and youth workers from Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, Spain, and Ukraine.

The representatives of the Armenian team were Kristine Siradeghyan, Elya Grigoryan, Nane Nersisyan, and Erine Shahnazaryan by “Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan”.

The main goal of the project was to learn how the games can be a method to learn something new and the learned put into practice.

The games were mainly held in the form of group work, and the latter in turn developed the ability of the participants to work in a team, listen to each other, understand each other, and come to intercultural understanding.

 In addition to the actual training, participants had the opportunity to find out more about each other in an informal atmosphere, which stimulated their further successful group work.