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On August 14-20, the 7-day training-camp of the “Women Entrepreneurship Leadership Learning Camp” (WELL Camp) program took place in Dilijan.

During the one-week meetings, the participating women and girls worked together with business experts on the strengths and weaknesses of their ideas and brought them to completion.

During these days, with the help of leading experts in the field, Silva Mesropyan and Lilit Arzoyan, they were able to achieve the desired result in the development of their ideas, the final presentation of which will officially take place at the end of autumn.

In addition to the main trainers, there were also meetings with other specialists in related fields, such as Gohar Shaljyan, with whose help the participant women and girls studied marketing and strategic marketing development, which will be a great contribution in their future activities.

Also, under the coordination of Vahe Salahyan, the participants played business games aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills. The games were an effective way to put into practice the knowledge gained during these months, as well as to acquire new skills and develop a business mindset.

Through intensive group discussions and practical exercises, participants discovered more about themselves and their abilities.

According to the participants, this one-week camp-course was quite important and decisive, because they were able to invest the knowledge they acquired in 4 months online in the construction of their own business ideas.

“It’s been 4 days since I had the opportunity to participate in the 7-day camp-course of WELL Camp. It is an excellent motivation to turn ideas into business with the help of the best business experts, to socialize, as well as to acquire knowledge about entrepreneurship and finalize business plans,” said Astghik Amirkhanyan, a participant of the WELL Camp-training.

It should be noted that the program aims to develop the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of women and girls of Dilijan community and neighboring settlements.

The 7-day camp contributed not only to the development of ideas, but also to personal growth, development of skills and acquisition of new connections.

“Women Entrepreneurship Leadership Learning Camp” is funded through a Department of State Public Diplomacy Section grant, and the opinions, findings, and conclusions, or recommendations expressed here are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of State.