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It has been a long time since young women and girls aged 20-30 from Dilijan consolidated community (Dilijan, Teghut, Haghartsin, Gosh, Khachardzan, Aghavnavank, Hovk) actively participated in the Women Entrepreneurship Leadership Learning Camp (WELL Camp). The project is implemented by the Dilijan Youth Cooperation Center NGO(YCCDNGO) with a grant from the US Department of State’s Public Diplomacy Office.

Within the framework of the program, entrepreneurship education courses are organized, which are planned and conducted online, so that the participating girls and women can join in in the meetings in combination with their daily activities. The girls have already learned and studied the basic topics for doing business, such as generating a business idea, creating a business plan, organizational and legal types of organizations (for example, the difference between a private enterprise and an LLC), strategic marketing planning and its characteristics, product or service description. , pricing policy, and factors influencing pricing. The study of the components of the Business Canvas is in an active stage, as a result of which the participants will have the final look of their business idea.

An important component of the training is the hosting of guest speakers, who share their own experiences and encourage participating women and girls.

There is a short interview about the training course with one of the participants, Anna Harutyunyan, who, having a higher education and specialization, tries her best to begin her own business. 

– Anna, does the course live up to your expectations?

– I participate in the course with great love and willingness. At first, I thought that everything would be shallower, but to my delight, everything is discussed in great detail and in-depth, all the concepts are explained, and the questions raised are given full and complete answers.

– What practical knowledge does the course give you?

– Before participating in the program, I twice tried to design a project on a ready-made model. I answered the questions, formulated my thoughts, and moved on. But as a result of the detailed discussions during the program, I feel that I have done a lot mechanically, and my mistakes become more visible. Now I approach my ideas more realistically, analyzing the sections we have managed to study, and I apply them to bring my idea to life.

Within the framework of the program, women, and girls get the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge by breaking stereotypes.

 “Women Entrepreneurship Leadership Learning Camp” is funded through a Department of State Public Diplomacy Section grant, and the opinions, findings, and conclusions, or recommendations expressed here are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of State.