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“Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan” NGO has been implementing the “Accountable Community, Aware Citizen” quarterly grant program since May, the official opening of which took place on May 31. The event was attended by the Deputy Head of Dilijan consolidated Community A.  Bazinyan, employees of the Municipality, representatives of community institutions and non-governmental organizations. In his opening speech, Arthur Ghazaryan, president of YCCD NGO, briefly presented the ongoing programs implemented by the organization, as well as emphasized the importance of cooperation with local non-governmental bodies during their implementation.

Project Coordinator Ararat Alikhanyan presented the activities and initiatives envisaged by the program. It is planned to launch a special toolkit on the official website of Dilijan consolidated community, through which the community-based educational, sports and cultural institutions will present the planned annual public activities to the public, and a strategy planning training will be conducted for those institutions. Media literacy trainings will be organized in 6 settlements with the participation of young people, citizens, using the official website of the municipality, writing online applications, other electronic opportunities and mechanisms of communication with the municipality. In case of application of innovative tools, the consequences conditioned by COVID-19 are minimized in the practical relations between local non-governmental bodies and increase the level of accountability of non-governmental organizations.


The aim of the program is to increase the level of transparent and accountable work of the municipality of Dilijan consolidated community and its minor institutions by improving the online training skills of using online tools, as well as its activity strategies. The main partner of the program is Municipality of Dilijan.

 The program “Accountable Community, Aware Citizen” is implemented within the framework of” Innovation for Change-Armenia / I4C” project, implemented by the “Partnership and Teaching” NGO in Armenia, funded by TIDES Center և USAID.