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On May 2,” Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan”  NGO together with the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports held a public discussion of the RA State Youth Policy Strategy 2021-2025 with the participation of 30 young people aged 14-30 from the Dilijan consolidated community.

The aim of the public discussion was to create an opportunity for young people to participate in decision-making and policy-making processes, as well as to create a platform for dialogue between young people, youth organizations and the State Department responsible for youth policy-making.

The participants were presented the whole system of strategy development, expected expectations and planned activities. Through an interactive exercise youth divided into small working groups, where they discussed all the six aims in detail.


  • Organizing and Developing
  • Active citizenship
  • Economic Participation of young people
  • Healthy and involved young people
  • Youth work and volunteering
  • International Cooperation


Then, the groups presented the most important spheres according to them, which need to be developed and improved.

There was an intense discussion, during which new proposals were expressed, stating their concern about the problems faced by the youth.

The meeting was chaired by youth policy expert Anna Yeghoyan.