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Volunteering is a voluntary act of an individual or group freely giving time and labor for community service. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a volunteer is a person, who works for free for an organization or project.

This is the principle that inspired and guided our German volunteers: Linda, Frederick, Herman and former volunteer Ricardo, who lives and works in Dilijan, try to do their best for the community.

Their decision for coming to Dilijan and voluntarily organizing various educational and cultural events with the local youth for a year is a vivid proof of volunteerism, and we are working diligently to spread the role of a volunteer and volunteering in our country.

A few days ago, when they saw the garbage accumulated on the way to hospital, they organized and cleaned the area from household garbage in a short time.

The initiative of our European partners proved once again, that volunteering is spontaneous for the common good, and without any expectations.