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On August 24 and 29, “Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan” NGO, a member of the project consortium, carried out a participatory assessment of the needs of civil society organizations in Tavush and Lori regions within the framework of “STRIVE for a better future: Communities and Civil Society Resilience in Armenia” (STRIVE) project.

The aim of the mapping is to review and update the organizational capacity needs and gaps of CSOs with the participation of CSOs and other stakeholders, the summary of which will serve to develop and update the “Organizational Model Innovation (OMI)” module. Representatives of 21 civil society organizations of Lori region and 15 of Tavush region participated in the assessment.

The assessment of the needs of regional CSOs was carried out by Aram Harutyunyan, the innovation and influence specialist of the program.

During the meetings, the main components of the project and further opportunities for cooperation were also presented to the participating organizations.

“STRIVE for a better future: Community and Civil Society Resilience in Armenia” (STRIVE) program is co-financed by the EU and implemented by NEF Belgium, “AGATE” Center for the Protection of Rights of Women with Disabilities NGO, “BLEJAN” Environmental, Social, Business Support NGO, ” Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan” NGO and Women by the development “Resource Center” foundation. The program will assist Armenian civil society, youth, and active citizens in a more effective way, through volunteering, knowledge, and experience, to increase their interest in public decision-making and grassroots initiatives.


During three and a half years, about 600 civil society organizations (CSOs) will be involved in capacity-building activities, forums, and joint activities, the program will promote the development of volunteering, the involvement of young people in leadership development courses, and the implementation of innovative social programs.