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New Program in Dilijan Consolidated Community

By 08/10/2021No Comments

On May 12, a contract was signed between P&T NGO and Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO to implement a three-month “Accountable Community, Aware Citizen” program within the framework of   “Innovation for Change/ I4C” program.


“Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan” NGO launches the “Accountable Community, Aware Citizen” grant program in May, which will be implemented in the enlarged community of Dilijan.

The aim is to increase the level of transparent and accountable work of the Dilijan multi-community municipality and its minor institutions by training on the use of online tools, as well as by improving its operational strategies.

The program envisages the launch of a special toolkit on the official website of Dilijan consolidated community, through which the educational / sports / cultural institutions  subordinated to the municipality will post information on their  annual planned public activities, a strategic planning course will be conducted for those institutions. The toolkit will help the community institutions to make their activities more transparent, the citizens of the communities of the enlarged settlements to receive more information about the activities of those institutions, as well as the use of civil control mechanisms.

The educational component of the program will provide media literacy trainings in 6 settlements with the participation of young people, citizens, using social networking sites, using the official page of Dilijan enlarged community, writing online applications, and other electronic opportunities and mechanisms for communication with the municipality (). The project will also contribute to the inclusion of strategic initiative initiatives by community-based organizations in the Community’s 5-year Development Plan and their effective budget funding.

In the case of project activities and the use of innovative toolkits, the consequences of COVID-19 are minimized in local non-governmental bodies-citizen relations, as well as in terms of organizing activities by community NGOs online or in terms of publishing information, the toolkit allows you to work more accountable.

At the end of the project, a public awareness event on the introduction of the toolkit will be held with the participation of local governments, citizens, NGOs, media, NGOs and other interested organizations.

It should be mentioned, that before the kick-off of the program, the staff of the YCCD NGO participated in capacity building courses organized by P&T NGO.