The second phase of the International training course has taken place in Fonyond, Hungary from 25 th of March till 2 nd of April.
 “Giraffes go to theatre” training program involves 24 youth workers coming from 8 different countries (Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Portugal, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia), who notice an increased level of violence, radicalization, aggression in digital or physical context and lack of tolerance of youth in their communities, these all making youngsters more and more vulnerable, and Nonviolent Communication a more and more needed way to learn and share․
The aim of the project was to prepare youth workers, leaders, and facilitators to deal with situations of conflict, tension or misunderstanding in their community to reach common good, personal growth, and harmonic co-being.
Participants got knowledge about intercultural communication, the wheel of well-being, the Johari window, emotional regulation types as well as mood meter.
One of the sessions of the training course was aimed to develop the skills of the participants as trainers and facilitators.
The Armenian participants were  Makar Khachatryan-youth worker and activist, Nareh Manukyan-specialist of intercultural communication, trainer, facilitator and Meri Adamyan-human rights specialist, trainer, facilitator and youth worker, hold their their sessions on the topics of intercultural communication, trauma, stress and forgiving.

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