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Training courses were finished in Tavush region within the framework of program “Local Democracy School”. Under Covid19, trainings have been held online. The aim of the program is to increase level of youth participation  in civic development and decision-making processes.

A reference was made to the home tasks given after the end of the previous stage of “Community Strategic Plan Vision and Action Plan Development” done by program participants.

Each participant had to present the vision of his place of residence and the ways to achieve it, which will be included in Community strategic programs.

In the 3rd stage of the training, which was attended by young people from different communities of Tavush region were taught community developing programs, its monitoring and evaluation, Community budget preparing and audit, the preparation of budget process, programs  development and its components on public communication.

The participants were also introduced to the procedure for submitting small grant proposals, criteria and application. Participants can submit pitches, present ideas, receive funding and implement community projects.

Introduction – The aim of the project is to train active and democratic young professionals in the communities of the Republic of Armenia who will have the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of local government and related operational areas, where they will play a significant role in implementing public administration reforms.

The School of Local Democracy is implemented within the framework of “Public Participation in Local Government” program, funded by USAID.