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Call for the participants from Armenia and Georgia for “International Youth Entrepreneurship School – E-learning “Entrepreneurial Skills”

Dates: 15 September-15 October, 2021 (4 weeks online facilitated learning)
Place: E-Learning Format


  • IYES learners attend an e-training for 4 weeks (in total 20 learning hours) to boost their entrepreneurial skills and mind-sets. The course is self-guided, is done individually and in tandems, and it includes readings, video’s, quizzes, exercises and self-reflection
  • Selected participant for IYES E-Learning International Youth Entrepreneurship School will attend International Training course “Entrepreneurship: the essentials on management” (blended mobility) in online format (dates and format are subject to change, depending on the development of the pandemic). During the training participants will develop essential management competences to start-up their social enterprises, to develop their entrepreneurship ideas into strong technical proposals and to learn how to pitch to attract supporters
  • SEED Grants for EaP youth entrepreneurs: 8 EaP SEED grants will allocated to the most innovative entrepreneurship ideas that feature a strong potential for success developed during Training course “Entrepreneurship: the essentials on management”  
  • Mentorship programme for young entrepreneurs: A tailored mentorship programme takes place to support the EaP youth entrepreneurs in starting-up their enterprises (all IYES students, not only those receiving a SEED grant). Local mentors in EaP and e-mentors from the EU partners form a complementary team providing diverse expertise


Profile of the applicant:

18+ | Youth worker or Youth Leaders| Interested in the topic of entrepreneurial education and willing to apply the competences in her/his work


Financial Conditions:

There is no participation fee in the e-learning course


  • International Youth Entrepreneurship School – E-learning “Entrepreneurial Skills” is part of long term project RECORD. RECORD – “Raising entrepreneurial capacity of youth for rural development” is 2 years project, supported by Eastern Partnership Youth Window of Erasmus Plus programme.


Partner Organizations:

Italy։ Consorzio Leonardo
Czech Republic։ Mezinárodní vzdělávací centrum GEMS, International Educational Center GEMS
Georgia։ სამოქალაქო ინიციატივა – Civic Initiative


The deadline to sent the application forms is on 13th of September, 2021

The online app form:

For more information, please write to


Learn more visiting the official web site of the project at