Within the ERASMUS+ project on “Youth in Activation” the study visit to Málaga was organized on 02.04.2019 bringing together the youth from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
The Armenian participants representing the YCCD NGO – Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan, were among participants of the study visit. The study visit will last until 10.04.2019 during which the youth workers will visit many organizations and NGOs to learn about specific experiences in policy development processes in entrepreneurship, social enterprise, socio-cultural integration, etc.
On the first day of the study visit (02.04.2019) the youth workers visited La Noria Málaga which is the center of entrepreneurship and social innovation in Málaga. In La Noria the participants were introduced a number of projects carried out in cooperation with social entities which serve as a good example of cooperation at local level. The next visit was to the SIDI where the participants were informed about youth and kids integration programs. Due to the successful implementation of the programs SIDI promotes integration of youth and kids with special needs into social life in Málaga. The last visit of the day was to the public school where the participants had the opportunity to communicate with schoolchildren and to participate in their school life.
The second day (03.04.2019) started with the visit to the Provincial Deputation of Málaga which is the governing body of Málaga and surrounding communities. The participants had the opportunity to discuss local issues on employment, international cooperation, new technologies, etc. in Málaga. Adjacent to the Provincial Deputation of Málaga there is a civic center – La Térmica where the participants were introduced the programs on promotion of cultural life in Málaga. The next visit was to Museo Picasso Málaga where the youth workers had the good opportunity to learn about the educational and cultural programs implemented by the museum. The last visit of the day was to the Centro Guadalinfo Chiclana Arrabal-AID which is the host organization of the study visit. In ARRABAL the representatives of different projects (SUMAN 2, Red Cross, COLEGA) had presentations and discussions with the participants of the study visit. The participants had the opportunity to address their questions to the representatives of the projects and to sum up the results of the day.
Stay tuned, and you will learn more about the ongoing Study visit from Malaga, Spain.
The Study Visit is part of the long-term project “Youth Activation” supported by Eastern Partnership Youth Window of ERASMUS+ Programme.
“Youth Activation” project is a multi-stage fellowship programme for people from youth organisations in Eastern Partnership countries. It’s aimed at enhancing their skills and competences in the field of local youth policy development with the special focus on the online participation.
The project is possible in partnership between Center for Euroinitiatives (the main Coordinator of the project), YCCD NGO – Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan, National Council of Youth Organizations of Georgia (NCYOG), MilleniuM Training and Development Institute, Teatro Metaphora and Centro Guadalinfo Chiclana Arrabal-AID.

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